Meet Basile

Chef Basile grew up in Northern France, but he longed to discover the West Coast of America.

From his obsession with the NBA, to his love for hip-hop, Chef Basile finally achieved his dream six years ago when he landed at LAX. Since then, he has immersed himself in the diverse culture of the city and he now has the opportunity to open his first foodie spot in the heart of Jefferson Park. Chef Basile's induction to the Los Angeles food scene required him to pay homage to the heart of the community, and the Taco Window honors this tradition with homemade tortillas, an array of salsas and flavorful marinades that reflect his creativity and excitement.

Old school heart and new school taste!


 All our Salsas, Tortillas and Churros are homemade from scratch!

  • tacos
    Carne Asada Taco
    California grown, grass fed

    Homemade Red Chorizo Taco
    Ground pork mixed with varieties of red chiles

    Pork in Salsa Verde Taco
    Shredded slow cooked pork sautéed
    in homemade salsa verde

    Fish Taco
    Seasoned battered white fish served with jalapeno aioli

    Grilled Chicken Taco
    Marinated chicken thighs

    White Fish Ceviche on tostada
    White Fish cooked in limes, jalapenos, red onions, tomatoes and fresh cilantro

  • sides
    Chips and Salsa

    Chips and Guacamole

  • drinks

    Premium Sodas

  • sweets
    Homemade Churros


Open Mon - Sat: 11am - 3pm

2622 W Jefferson blvd
Los Angeles,CA 90018

Phone: +1 (323) 373 9671